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Pierce and Chang - "The Janitor" who would would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that chang.


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I remember seeing that, at least with the first few feature films, each Pixar movie worked toward a technological advance of some sort, and that with Monsters, Inc., it was dealing with rendering hair/fur. Was there a similar "trick" with Up? Will there be one with Monsters University?

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I remember seeing that one live, and the whole thing with him floating never made sense to me... I just figured that it was just some postmodern randomness thrown in there. Not until I read that transcript did I realize that the joke was that he was air quoting so much it made him airborne!

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Congrats, Allen! As a graphic-novel-loving music professor whose married to a PT who does home health, I feel a weird kinship to you. I have a finished novel which I think has a lot of potential but hasn’t been picked up by an agent yet, and I’ve often thought of turning into a graphic novel... the only problem being I can’t draw.

Any advice for finding a collaborator and beginning a relationship? What types of costs should be expected up front, if any, or is it reasonable to expect to work up a contract for splitting revenues upon completion?

I’ve thought, if I went that route, that it might be effective to put the story out as a webcomic, creating a page once a week or so and splitting ad and/or merch revenue from the site (assuming things go well) as well as eventual publishing revenue after the story is completed. Good or bad idea?

I realize that it’s not all about the money but I also know that everybody has bills to pay. Good luck with the booth!

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And as someone who felt stupid after seeing that Kit posted the same suggestion five minutes earlier, and who then went back and deleted his comment thinking no one had seen it yet, I feel doubly stupid. But happy to know you'll be reading my story soon!