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Anyone else less than impressed by the answers?

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Note: Don't read this AMA while eating.

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I grew up with alcoholic parents and siblings. Eventually at 19, I found a group called Al-Anon that I decided to attend regularly. It's similar to Alcoholics Anonymous but it's focus is for the friends and family of alcoholics.

I just wanted to share this with you. It not only saved my life but increased the quality of my life immensely. For a while I felt like I was just surviving. After a while, life seems pretty shitty when all you're doing is surviving.

There may be a group near you, if you're interested. Either way, a new chapter in your life awaits you. We're not given anything we can't handle.

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Did you read about the guy dribbling a soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil getting hit by a truck and killed on the highway? Be safe! More on topic: my brother was in prison for over 6 years for basically getting in a fight while others have killed people and served less time than him. What do each of you find to be the most unbalanced part of our justice system? Edit: Spelling

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Fruit syrup sounds like it'd have high fructose corn syrup.

Edit: found it. 23g of sugar per 2 tablespoons. Defeats the purpose of him selling the bottle as a healthy alternative.