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kc_joe116 karma

I'm 29 and I just recently was told I had Vitiligo just this summer. I had noticed a non-dark spot on my hand after a vacation where I had received some tanning.

Aside from the hand I also have discoloration of eye lashes on my right eye. [ http://imgur.com/fZi7shT ]

full face [ http://imgur.com/441nAq7 ] with just got up out of bed hair.

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Thank you. And they are.

kc_joe20 karma

yeah, that's what my mom suggests. I actually get conversations about it. Also they're pure white!

kc_joe15 karma

I still do it for photos and interviews, but day to day I let it go white.

kc_joe14 karma

I'm sorry to hear that. My mother suggest to me to wear mascara on my eye lashes (white because of vitilgo) but I have better success just telling peeps what it is. I understand that you're 16 and I'm 29 and there's a slight difference there, but be proud of your body and it's identification marks.