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As a teacher, how can I use this book to help my students make better choices (avoid negative behaviors)?

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Would you agree that a negative behavior typically yields a consequence which complicates the original situation and results in inefficiency?

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I would say that, using your example, the negative behavior of slacking off of work to write your novel complicates the original situation (doing your job) by creating two situations (needing to do your job and writing a novel).

Choosing to not do the job you were hired to do is a negative choice and a negative behavior. Your time is now split and it would take you longer to do the job you were hired to do, making you less efficient.

If the consequence to your poor decision is being fired, you now have no income while you try to finish your novel while also not knowing if your novel will be purchased and published. You now have to spend more time looking for a new job to meet your basic needs. This is yet another inefficiency.