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kazgar139 karma

how about having all the extra bits in a index at the back, so you would have to flip back and forth between the comic itself and the back (or one in the middle, and one in the back) furious flipping of a book is always a sign of a entertaining read, and would make the reader person about town in the public transport option of their choice.

Otherwise scratch panels like on lottery tickets.

kazgar135 karma

Hi, I've bought your book but when I hovered a mouse over the pages, the tooltip didn't appear, and I couldn't email you, this was most disappointing. Are you planning a second volume, and if so, can it have these features, or olde world paper versions of said features?

kazgar29 karma

Did you know that comic was coming before it arrived? What was your first thought upon seeing it? What was the thought after you went through all the loops and saw all the layers?