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I'm glad you answered that because I was contemplating in my own head whether I should ask if your "down there" was burnt and if so does it affect anything. Haha! Also - I hope you and your family get back on your feet soon. It's a tough world but you are strong as I can see through this AMA and you have a loving family so good luck :)

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I feel like you have a pretty bad outlook on this career, how do you feel about those strippers (men or women) who actually do it and enjoy it? I feel like there are very opposite outlooks on it. Did you ever enjoy it at one point or was it all negative for you?

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Brings up another question: Did you hold a LT relationship at all during this time? How did the position affect your love life?

If you don't answer... I hope you grow from the effects and live a happy life :) Thanks for answering!

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Michelle or Melania?

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Zoie! You are an awesome actress and I love your work in Lost Girl. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?