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kayamagan2 karma

Totally agree...

imo Olberte is the model business for a decentralized marketplace's vision, maybe something going towards OpenBazaar (but better)... As well it would have been nice to leverage a platform such as Open Equity to try and lend (however small) a hand when the company is facing hardships and shuttering the doors...

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One more,

were sales good in ET? did you accept birr?

also I held you as such a monument of industry in ET were there crazy thoughts about financing from someone african tycoon like Al amoudi? Or someone like Akon seems as though would have been supportive?

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Another customer with the highest respect for you, Ethiopia and the company...

I remember immediately after buying my 1st pair 2/3 years ago I bought my sister a pair. The day she received her gift from me, she was gifted a separate unconnected pair of Olibertes! Suffice it to say in Denver, CO I saw sooo many people rocking your boots! Here on the east coast US I get love (and envious hate hehe) every time I step out with em!

Question is: with your styles, craftsmanship, marketing, integrity, all around 🔥 generally speaking not enough could be produced in ET or... not enough be sold? Seemed like the organic growth was great..

Thanks again for everything blessings for the future