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What is something you want to accomplish or experience but have not done yet?

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thanks for posting this, you encouraged me to sign up. I've been close to people with autoimmune disorders and I don't know why I haven't signed up for this. Thanks for giving the information to do it, and for donating.

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I will also help run your BnB. Which is an AMAZING idea.

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Hi Frank! Thanks for doing this! I have a few questions:

-How do you handle reading secrets with heavy subject matter nearly every (if not every) day?

-Have you ever had issues with so many people knowing your address?

-Is there a secret that has stuck with you from the very beginning, that you think about from time to time?

-What do you do with all the coconuts that people send?

-For books you mentioned that you try to arrange the secrets to tell a story and include one with every sort of feeling. But for the blog - on a normal week without a holiday or anything, how do you decide what secrets to post? Are they all new, or a mix (in the main post, not the classic secrets piece)

-Do you have any upcoming projects / postsecret development you're excited about?

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not Frank but just want to make sure your question gets answered - see that giant mountain of cards behind him in the photo? he keeps every secret there, in a pile, in his basement.