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katnissNEVERdeen227 karma

Most important question of the day: What does Charlie Hunnam smell like?

katnissNEVERdeen84 karma

I would have guessed blood, sweat, tears AND Calvin Klein Reveal.

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I have never even watched The Sopranos and I'm an avid SOA fan, and I can tell you that SOA probably doesn't come close to The Sopranos. Isn't it considered one of the greatest television shows of all time? I doubt SOA will land in that hall of fame.

katnissNEVERdeen7 karma

Talk about bad luck with men - one gets her killed and the other shoots a speedball into her arm.

katnissNEVERdeen1 karma

What was it like working with Maggie Siff? She's the unsung hero of the last 6 seasons IMO.