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Good point, Amish people are friendly despite their closed society, hasidic Jews are inclined to throw stones at those who don't live according to their version of insanity. Not figuratively, but quite literally with small heavy projectiles. Try driving next to them on Yom Kippur for a live demonstration.

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No it's customer feedback and the CEO should be glad to learn about those things in order to fix them.

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To me it seems that the whole concept of campaigning is anti-democratic. I understand that historically it was the only way to reach the voters, but now it looks like an anachronistic circus. Coming to people and telling them "Vote for me" or posting signs saying: "vote for <name>" seems wrong. Nobody should tell a citizen for whom to vote. Just giving the facts about the candidates and demanding that people perform their civil duty and educate themselves and then vote is about as much campaigning as appears to be compatible with real democracy.

Is there any movement to curb what seems to be an extremely costly voter manipulation?

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Listen, it's not such a bad statistic if you think that you, being only one person, fit quite nicely in those 5%. I mean just think that you'll be one of those who do and you'll make it.

From personal experience (not a foster child but went quite abruptly from being coddled to being completely on my own with all the life decisions, finances and all), you have to stay focused on just one thing. Make it a law for yourself that there are no other options for you. Otherwise, life just keeps happening and taking turns and years down the road regrets start mounting. Make a plan, reasonable and good. keep in mind that a lot is possible but take care not to doom it by being overly ambitious. And be dogged about it. The devil is usually in the details. Some stupid forms and signatures may create unnecessary impediments. take care of the details without resentment.

The rewards will be substantial.

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Exactly. I suspect this piece of scum is just fine in his all expenses paid apartment, having plenty of leisure to do what he did before anyway: think his mad thoughts and write.

I am glad that some people don't feel vengeful towards him because it ultimately makes for a better world but in this case it pains me greatly to see how well off he is after his crime. Maybe torturing him is not a good idea but considering him irredeemable and relieving humanity from such a flawed material would be a fine course.