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Today over 1 billion pairs of pantyhose end up in the landfill every year, after just 1-2 wears, and take over 50 years to decompose. A big motivation behind this invention was to create something much more durable, and non disposable. Our sheers can last dozens and dozens of wears. Ultimately we are looking to create a trading program that will allow our customers to send back old pairs that we can break down and turn into new fiber.

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Our polymer has yield strength as high as 2.4 GPa and a strength-to-weight ratio up to 10 times that of steel. Prior to Sheertex it was never made nearly fine enough for sheer applications (30 denier and below). The sheerest it was generally made on the market was 100 denier and above and was generally reserved for applications like bulletproof vests, climbing equipment, and fishing line.

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Yes! That's exactly what we're thinking. I think it will be really important to find ways to incentive customers to return the product. We are even looking at running return programs in partnerships with municipalities where we'd encourage anyone to send us their "pantyhose graveyard" as we call it - of regular nylons. So that we can make sure the billions of existing pairs of old nylons sitting in drawers can get ground and repurposed as well.

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Thank you! Very interesting. They look awesome. Will definitely reach out.

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We usually say lasts up to 10x longer than designer brands as opposed to 10x stronger, because you're right our fiber is much more than 10x stronger on a weight by weight basis compared to a nylon for example.