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My state is close to the bottom on distribution of the vaccine. Each county does its own thing. No one knows when vaccine signups via the web will be available. The counties post vague window openings like maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. There is no waiting lists. So elderly people like myself have to keep our phones, tablets and computers open to check every half hour. If you miss the opening time the slots are reserved in an hour or so. Please. This is shameful. No one in leadership on the state level wants to interfere with the counties. All counties use different software. No one talks to the other. The state health department site is useless. All it does is show the addresses of county health departments and lists grocery store pharmacies. You must visit each separately. My state? Georgia. It's run by back water GOP idiots.

It's bloody awful here.

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Thanks. The website is a bit wonky. Obviously designed by a novice. Still better than nothing.

As I stated distribution is terrible. Supposedly all vaccination sites are notified by the state health department on Thursday as to how much vaccine the sites will receive the following week. So the health departments know Thursday evening. Still my guess is each waits to actually receive their allotted doses to open the registration windows. Why one cannot simply be put on a waiting list is beyond me.

In looking at the software on some county sites the copyright dates vary. None seem to have software that postdates 2019. Nothing updated for such an onslaught of requests. Our governor and physician who heads the state health department have no clue on supply chain or how to administer this. From the beginning last year they displayed a total lack of knowledge and refused advice from experts. Today both are dead silent. It's pathetic.

Never recommend the Georgia State Department of Health site. It's embarrassing.

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Thank you. I had already signed up. Gwinnett County is the largest county in Georgia and it has a first-come registration system for scheduling. The vax app-only refers me to that system. Not good. No openings are available in my area. The scheduling may open up today? The Gwinnett site stated yesterday, or today. Yesterday there was nothing. No scheduling available. So I will carry my tablet and phone with me all day. Must check every 30 minutes. The slots (around 7,000) fill up within 45 minutes. I have been on a waitlist at Emory for 3 weeks. Nothing.

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I only posted once. The Reddit site got hung up so I closed it. Something isn't working between Reddit and my tablet. It has frozen with Reddit several times. But no, I didn't post five times. I uninstalled and reinstalled last month, and it still hung up today. Don't have an answer.

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My late mother-in-law died 30 years ago. She died as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident. The suddenness and the fact that she was a vibrant, heathy, lovely being destroyed any remaining faith we had. My ex and I had young children at the time so we focused on them during the chaos that followed. There were tears, but restained. To this day, when I think of her, I break down. I can still see her, hear her and even remember her scent. Really? My children are adults and my ex left the marriages 19 years ago. So why is she so real to me? I don't feel this way about my late parents. They died old and sick. This can't be good. Yet, if I think of her or someone mentions her, I can't stop crying.