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If I recall, Monty Python's Flying Circus ended when John Cleese felt as though they were recycling old material.

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12 posts submitted recently to /r/shittyrobots with a total of 57826 karma... seems to check out.

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I can confirm Cimexa's effectiveness, but please avoid breathing it in as it can be harmful. a simple dust mask while spreading it does the trick and once it is settled, it is safe.

Edit: Here is a source for the hazards:


Inhalation of Crystalline Silica

Occupational exposure to airborne crystalline silica (such as during sand blasting, tunneling, or work in a quarry) does have hazardous health effects and can cause a number of respiratory diseases, and has even been classified as a human lung carcinogen. Inhalation exposure to respirable crystalline silica can cause silicosis, which in severe cases can be disabling, or even fatal. Silicosis may occur when respirable-sized crystalline silica dust is inhaled into lower reaches of the lung and causes the formation of scar tissue, thus reducing the person’s ability to take in oxygen. For more information on health effects from exposure to crystalline silica please refer to OSHA Fact Sheet at www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_General_Facts/ crystalline-factsheet.pdf. The Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) is available to conduct exposure assessments and consult with you on proper procedures and safeguards if you are working with crystalline silica.

And some information on silicosis which is the major health concern (warning graphic images in that wiki).

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I am proud to say that I backed both Battlestation: Harbinger Extended Edition (backer #384) and Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope (well tried to, at least), And I think that it is awesome that you took the time to go out of your way to thank those that helped bring your dream to fruition.

Once Battlestation is fully launched and patched, what was your next project?

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To me, that makes a lot of sense. Like you, they weave comedy and music together into one beautiful tapestry.