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I don’t think whatever that dude was hiding will ever come up to light fully, maybe just the tip of the iceberg. Too many elites will dragged down from all over the world and all those who are complicit to his actions.

Even though I still have hope but you know lol human behaviour and hierarchy in terms of money, influence and power. I just want to ask about your opinion, (1) do you think there’s is a chance the whole thing will come to light? Like every nook and crannies.

(2) Do you think his “business” have any affiliation with one of the greatest religious organisation.coughs the church

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Thank you so much for doing this ama, what I’m going to ask may sound rather blunt but I think it’s rather sad to see “some” Muslim countries not helping out in terms of refugees or even speaking out against the treatment of uyghurs.

How do you feel about this? What do you think is the best way or can be done to rally Muslims countries especially the rich and powerful ones to support your movement ?

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Do you think sustainable brands are profitable since most sustainable brands have high price tag?

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This gon sound weird but have you ever wanked off when you were you know studying? I saw this documentary about how the Catholic Church’s saint or something were all derived from pagan gods, what are your thoughts on that ? I know you still believe in god but are you still believing in the Abrahamic religion’s god or some other god? Have you thought about looking into other religion which are much older than Abrahamic religion ? If you do believe in Adam and eve’s story, what were they? Chinese, Middle Eastern, black, Caucasian, neantherdal, denisovan etc? How do you and religious people that you were studying with fit dinosaurs in the religious book ?