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And how did the cameraman get up there if it was so difficult for you? I assume you left the chain for him and everything, but that's still rather difficult/dangerous/terrifying to climb up and over.

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I see (in the bill's text) that the payment is set as follows:

"The amount of a payment under subsection (a) to an individual shall be $4 for each day during which the individual was held in captivity by Japanese forces during World War II, compounded annually at a 3 percent annual rate of interest."

What does this actually work out to be today? How much do you get in compensation each month/year/whatever?

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My friend submitted a bunch of screenshots of funny statuses (mostly puns and things like that) from his Facebook page to a pretty prestigious school as his supplementary essay. They sent him some sort of likely letter (not for sports or anything though) with a handwritten note about how hilarious they thought he was. He got into their honors program with a big scholarship.

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Nice touch with the NASA logo.

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Who were your favorite opponents? Your favorite teammates?

Funniest story you can remember (either from during a game or in the locker room/bus/hotels)?