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So you are potentially infected and plan on flying out as soon as possible to other areas of the world?

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How do you feel about heavy metal guitar?

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Yah either or sounds good.

Honestly though, yah go home but funny enough you will find most redditors would be in awe to think that anyone who visited China would dream of traveling after. They would say you need to wait to see how bad it is, possibly indefinitely. I’m just preparing you for when you do get home and people ask you about it, avoid you, and judge your normal behaviour.

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So it’s supposed to take a week but you don’t really know. You could have and not show signs il your on a plane. You will pass people in major airports possibly heading to places that don’t have the healthcare of the USA.

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Yah in Italy. Ingredients were nice and fresh (real stars of the dish) and overall it was good but nothin special. Now New York pizza could be considered a variation if the Italian dish, but it is better.