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karen_h11 karma

I totally agree. I’ve got a great “tribe” where we hone basic zombie apocalypse skills. Gardening, beekeeping, metalsmithing, canning, preserving, building, fishing, foraging, etc.

We constantly have discussions on setting up a commune style situation (fondly call it our “art cult” 😂 or Baba Yaga community) where we share resources and labor. Half are married, others are single. We’re all between 30-70’s.

Currently we’re spread out - but thinking about moving to a place on a lake where we can do this. Oregon has been top of the list on and off, so has Colorado (we’re all US citizens) and we did look into living abroad as well (NZ). I’m worried due to wildfires and extreme weather. It’s so confusing where the best place for the next 50 year should be.

karen_h8 karma

Thank you for doing this. If you were to pick the best place to live in regards to climate change, where would it be? I’m in the USA and this question keeps me awake at night. Do I stay, do I leave the USA, what are my best options for weathering out the coming years (here and/or abroad).