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Follow-up: Do customers ever exclaim, "I demand to speak to your mayor!"?

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Seriously... I can't imagine that is hygienic at all. Just warm water? No soap or anything else?

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Micromanagement. How will it be different from previous SimCity games? Will we be able to manage aspects such as individual budgets (per school, police station, fire station)? Also, will it be possible to place single buildings (not landmarks/uniques), such as a shoe factory or choosing how many reactors we want at a nuclear plant, rather than just districting an area as commercial/industrial/residential?

How large of maps will be possible compared to previous SimCity games?

What is your favorite part of SimCity 4?

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First, damn--that's a lot to put yourself through, and I have a lot of respect for it.

How was the recovery following the procedures? I've heard (and imagine) it's quite painful. How long before you could walk following them (or could you walk immediately?)?

How did you manage to afford them? I can't imagine they would be cheap. Does insurance cover it at all?

What are some of the little benefits you've noticed that you didn't think about before getting the operations?