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I just wanna thank you for answering all of the questions, usually when people do AMAS and are questioned about their opinion on something they used to work on they would just ignore it.

I got the feeling that from season 1 Dexter was not a complete psychopath since he was able to care for the people around him and even felt genuinely sad when he had to choose between his sister and his brother, and that his character development was inevitable, I saw it going somewhere similar to where it is now but I would've never thought it would be for the same reasons.

now for my question, don't you think that it's a little disrespectful to Dexter's history and after all that he's been through, that the one who would "cure him" of his killing urges would be a new love interest? it just felt very weak, and I saw it as dismemberment of his history with his family, and that the last show shouldn't have had a big bad introduced, instead it should've been someone that's been on the show for a while now? I was hoping after the ending of Season 7 that Deb would end up being the one who wants to take Dexter down but is too afraid to do anything about it herself (Jesse pinkman of dexter, maybe?) and Angel would be the one who would start looking into Dexter after Laguerta's murder while attempting to get Deb on his side and make her speak up, all in all I just think that by the time you left it was clear where the show's going, and I don't know why they would try to stir away and take it in a completely, different, corny direction.

Regardless of whether you answer my question or not, thanks for the great show, I really admire what you and the rest of the crew did in the first 4 seasons, I used to prefer Dexter over breaking bad, but nowadays I feel like I can't even compare the two and it just saddens me.

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why were there many changes in the staff for the last few seasons? or are you not able to answer that?

thanks for the ama

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When did you leave Dexter, and what was your favorite thing about working on it?