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No thanks, I really hate that instance. The blue drake NEVER drops.

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Blood and gore is a big one. We also want to refrain from using jump scares actively, and only use this as a tool to create horrifying suspense and tension, the way it should be used.

Personally I was terrified of the dark, and what might be lurking where it cannot be seen. These are both examples that has made it into the game.

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Among the Sleep does not focus on blood and gore in any way. We believe creating tension through suspense, created by an eerie atmosphere can be just as scary - perhaps even more so. This is the type of horror that we try to create.

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Hey! We draw inspiration from various films, games and other things, but mostly from our own childhood memories and fears. We've had several sessions where we have talked about what frightened us the most when we were children, and we try include this as much as we can in the design!

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We are also extremely happy and overwhelmed by the success we have seen in the last few days. Makes it all warm and fuzzy inside!