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One thing that I didn't see much foreign news been reporting is that many of the protesters (especially the young ones) were putting all their financial resources in the movement, to the extent where they can't even buy food for themselves.

One of my friend had used up all his entire savings to buy protection masks and goggles and donate them to protesters.

and yet a lot of pro China media said we receive money from the CIA for every protest. That would be great for those kids, at least they won't have to eat damn dry crackers and bread for dinner. But we all know it's never the truth.

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I believe there are already Chinese troops pretending to be one of the polices during the protests. A lot of signs had shown that.

but as for whether the China Gov would officially enter HK, I don't think this will happen in short, because HK is still the largest financial market for China to earn foreign currencies. If the protests is going to be ended in this way, I don't think any of the country will be confident to make investment in HK, which will heavily harm China itself as well.

We will still be aware of that through, because we have seen way to many to know how horrible and terrifying our enemy is.

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Well, we just had our peaceful protest last Sunday, and tbh many of ppl already knows that our Chief Executive Carrie Lam would care a bit of it, but it is still important to show the world that we wouldn't fall down until the Gov accept the five appeals/demands raised by the HK people at once.

Also, I do think that if there wasn't a series of protests in mid June and the break-in into Legislative Council in 1 July, the bill would probably have passed.

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Spread the news, let everyone know what's happening in Hong Kong.

Support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to punish those governors who owned properties in any kind of assets in US. (Which most of the pro China councilors and government officers will be affected, how ironic is that :o))

If there is an protest raised by HK people in your city, support them.

Boycott China.

Even a little cheer up meant a lot to us.

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Sorry to hear that you were suffered from tear gas as well, that shit was just horrible.

I am assuming you know what's the background of this whole thing, so I am just gonna talk more about my personal experience. If you have no idea about what's going on, Vox made a video for that and I do think that it explains quite well. You may see here: https://youtu.be/6_RdnVtfZPY. You are welcome to ask any further detail on the bill though.

I first joined the protest on 9 June, which 1 million people go on the street and express to the government they don't want the extradition bill amendment. Later the protesters started to occupy spaces outside the Legislative Council (LegCo) and wants the Chief Executive Carrie Lam to withdraw the bill, yet she announced that the bill will still go on and pissed all the protesters. A lot of the people wants to get into the LegCo building but the police came it and had a huge clash.

I was outside the LegCo building and too scared thinking of the consequences after arrest (That's my first experience such kind of occupying movement, especially with police violence), I couldn't even walk upfront a bit and so I was just distributing gloves and marks outside. I left there safe but one of my friends got injured accidentally so I sent her to a hospital.

There I saw a university student which got hit on the head by the police and escaped luckily because the protesters pulled him back from the police. He came to us and asked whether we could borrow a phone. He lost his during the chaotic situation. It was that moment I felt heartbreaking and regraded my decision there. He hasn't even finished his degree yet. The one that supposed to have a great future now had to worry whether he will be charged with criminal offense. I really don't want to see case like that anymore, and I don't want myself regarding for what I didn't do anymore. That's why I stepped out and fought with them, no just for myself, bu t for everyone else as well.