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Which is a pretty great movie. Mandy Patinkin is awesome.

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The correct correct answer is to kidnap him and chain him to a cell wall, and shove stuffed peppers down his throat every day while screaming,"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??"

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Only one question - did Robyn do the soundtrack???

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I played Starflight constantly in the 80s. I emailed Alec Kercso once and he actually responded, we had a nice conversation about how no other game felt like it had that feeling of a little ship in a big scary universe. Also the story was really good, AND it was all on two 360k disks. Will your new game be less than a megabyte?

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I go to a lot of clients with all different kinds of offices and pretty much agree with the above. The open plan offices have to have a lot of other perks to avoid just looking like a chicken yard of employees.