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the smartest/most high performing students (and faculty) are struggling.

Can you elaborate on this at all? Personally, I am a high-performing student, but have not always been this way because of my mental health struggles. Ironically enough, I think a good chunk of how well I do in school is because of my mental-health-related perfectionism.

Do you mean that high performing people are especially struggling right now, or that they are struggling just like everyone else and this is something that is overlooked?

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I'm not OP, but wanted to address the language in your post - people with mental illnesses are not "crazy", and the illnesses are not caused by weakness. These are stereotypes that do nothing but perpetuate stigma and make it harder for people to seek help. Please be aware of the impact that your words have.

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I can see that you didn't understand how those words come off until now, but now you do. Don't call people with mental illnesses crazy or weak. They are inaccurate and offensive terms. Part of learning a foreign language is understanding how to properly use it.

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Hi Ryan! I’m late to the game here, but how did you decide on MFT over counseling or social work? I’m an undergrad senior in psych and want to be a therapist, but there are so many options out there it’s hard to pick one - and my own anxiety doesn’t help!

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Do you know if any of the staff has chosen to work in the field after personal experience with mental illness? If so, how does it work out?

I've been hospitalized for severe depression and suicidal ideation twice now. It was the mental health techs who were more helpful than anything else. Thank you for what you do.