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A lot of my friends know, and being in my age range, they're generally more surprised / intrigued than anything. I would tell a 7 year old the same thing I tell older adults I don't know well: I run a recipe sharing site, where people can share recipes for what they want to bake, and other people can come bake those recipes.

Works pretty well. Minus the part where I have to pretend I'm really into baking for the rest of the conversation.

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I wish I'd seen it when it was first posted before it was removed. Would've loved to have gotten in on those comments, it was pretty clear from some of his responses that things were off

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Too small for hate mail. Although, I'm sure we'll receive our first within the next hour or so of this comment being posted.

Edit: Thanks for popping our hate mail cherry. It was the gentlest, tenderest hate mail we could have ever hoped for.

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^ Yup. Outside of the probably not a highschool student issue, there was also problems with his claims that the site was actually popular. Zero SEO and ranking on Alexa seemed to show otherwise.

From a business standpoint, another red flag was his lack of understanding around DMCA takedowns and needing to actually officially register with the copyright office for the safe harbor protections to be valid.

Also, I don't think this was brought up on the original thread, but his site has zero mention of USC 2257. This is mandatory for all adult sites, whether you host the content yourself or not, and not being in compliance with 2257 can really get you into the kinds of legal trouble you never want to be in (hint: the law is named the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act).

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Fried eggs and bacon on rice. Yup.