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Yeah, I did actually just make this account because I saw that Meg Myers was doing an AMA and she's one of my favorite artists so I wanted to ask her a question. I don't go on reddit that much so I never bothered to make an account before. lol idk what the point of commenting that was anyway, like do you think being all suspicious makes you seem cool? k bye

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Little Black Death is one of my favorite songs on this album right now (only beaten by Jealous Sea and Tourniquet), but I was wondering, what does "you could be my little black death" mean to you? I took French in high school so I already knew what petite-mort means (lol) but I'm still a little unclear on the actual meaning of the song.

Also, since people are already asking what your favorite song is on this album, what's your favorite song of yours that wasn't on this album?