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Carol this is really helpful, I've been neglecting my self-care and assisting my aging parent has really been bringing up trauma from earlier in that relationship. Are there other people with your skillset out there? I would love to find someone in my West coast city to start therapy again. ❤️

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Washington! Seattle area would be great 😄

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This is just my experience - I got some relief from migraines with progesterone cream applied during the last two weeks of my cycle. Then I got a mirena IUD and that's been great for me, except for the pain of insertion. But definitely go to a medical professional before trying anything - I went to a naturopath who recommended the progesterone cream. You don't want to experiment with hormones on your own when you have migraines!

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I had similar issues - I'm closer to 50 than 40 now; this is just my experience & not medical advice. It's really frustrating that generally primary care doctors focus on migraine medications but not hormonal issues that can contribute. I wound up going to a naturopath who recommended a progesterone cream, which helped but was a pain in the ass. I had to apply the cream twice a day during the last two weeks of my cycle and I just couldn't remember to do it consistently.

I then decided to get a mirena IUD and it's been great for the most part - I don't get migraines as often, unless I'm really stressed out, and when I do get them they generally are not as painful and I'm not vomiting as much. Plus no painful periods is such an improvement!

Definitely consult with a doctor, because you don't want to randomly experiment with your hormones when you have a history of migraines. The naturopath I went to basically diagnosed me based on symptoms; she didn't do any labs to check my hormones from what I can recall.