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I am. I love my job.

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Okay, so here's my very quick response. I always thought there were consequences. That when you did something wrong/bad/not okay, you'd pay a price. I'm less sure now.

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Oh, wait, I'm here too. Everything that Molly said.

(I don't know anything about Fortnite. Other than that I've watched my kids play.)

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So look. The president has made clear his distaste for multilateralism and international cooperation. That will have follow-on effects that'll last decades -- and it'll be reflected economically both in the US and in the global economy. The long term part is a sure thing. The extent of those effects is the unknown.

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I gave up on the APM NPR thing years ago. Years.

Haven't had one.

I find drinking and live radio don't make a good combination.

I do. It's the director -- toughest job in the shop.