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Not OP, but yes. Definitely 100% a shitlord.

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Why did you guys cut so much of this? Was there a time limit/did you not want to make it too long, or did it just not make the cut due to lack of interest?

It sounds like there’s a ton of really good stuff that you guys didn’t include.

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I watch those multi part, 1 hour episode serial docs all the time to be honest.

If you guys made something like that, even on a different subject, I’d definitely watch.

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So the first article I see is a straw man piece about a horrible racist alt-right person with ridiculous opinions that no sane person would agree with... and now she’s “seen the light” and she’s criticizing conservatives.

Will there be a separate section for opinion pieces or will they just be thrown into the regular news pile and not clearly labelled?

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Yeah, it’s closer to 0.55%, point stands though. That’s not negligible and should be observable. I’m not the one making the claim here, I’m asking if there’s proof of the claim because that would be something observable that can disprove flat earth.