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Yes, my first! Two boys :)

The many Coloradans that give birth that way (legally) are only carrying single babies. Currently there are restrictions in this state that prohibit midwives from attending home births for multiples, and birth centers (run by midwives) can't legally take pregnancies of multiples, leaving all us multiples moms to decide: do I give birth in a hospital, or completely unattended by a medical professional at home?

That's a tough decision for a lot of us, especially right now. If I had to deliver anywhere but a hospital, it would be great knowing I was legally allowed to be in the care of someone who knew how to care for me and my babies, and (very importantly) could tell when it was necessary to go to the hospital, if such an emergency came up. We would not be the first state to allow low-risk multiples pregnancies to be delivered at home with midwife assistance, or at a birth center run by midwives.

Midwives currently can legally attend multiples births in hospitals only, and even that is up to each hospital to decide.

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Hi Governor Polis!

My husband and I are very grateful for the work you've done so far throughout this pandemic. I'm 6 months pregnant with twins and concerned about the safety of giving birth in a hospital right now/soon. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on loosening restrictions on midwives for home or birth center births in this state, so that maybe lower risk pregnancies like mine (considered high risk only because of the multiples box being checked) can avoid the hospital and so medical staff doesn't have to worry about caring for and quarantining yet another family?

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i have seen several cats at disneyland, and twice as many rats (over decades of visiting the park). should i only believe half of those cats and rats?

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what's the abandoned island??