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What considerations have stopped mobile SIM card/3G/LTE support being directly included in any of the Surface Pro series?

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Vim is like having a robot which processes text for you, and all you have to do is give it the commands. It's the Jetsons future from 1964 with a bit of being stuck in 1964 carried along with it. It's retro cool. And useful.

Emacs is like having Cthulhu try to process text for you, and all you need to do is learn the right incantations OH GOD IT'S EATEN MY FACE!

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When tomorrow comes, roughly how much will you feel of the following:

  • Relief that people know
  • Regret for posting pictures at all
  • Wishing you'd posted more
  • Shame that you took dong photos with a dirty mirror


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Interesting; I was thinking of space, cost and ideology (tethering) but not battery.

Thanks for the reply!

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In recent browsers you can do that from the F12 developer options - FireFox, Chrome, and IE, you can view the network requests, select one, and see the request/response headers as part of the information.