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What are some places you think a lot of people would like but not many go to? Let's rule out nightlife and gambling spots and focus on nature, people, culture, history, that kind of stuff.

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Many locals were friendly to us as we ate lunch after the arrest. Somehow their public safety office doesn't seem to reflect the majority's views.

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You ain't no deputy 'round here no more!

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They absolutely were on a first-name basis with Moses. It was clear that they knew of each other previously. There's a point in the video where you can hear Moses practically instructing the NYSP that if we don't show ID, they'll arrest us.

The head NYSP guy slipped once or twice and called Moses a police officer (he's a peace officer, which is different). Also, when I told him I only had an expired license from Michigan, he asked, "What's your name in Michigan?" which I thought was pretty funny.

Overall, I don't see why the state police didn't just evaluate the situation for what it was (harassment by Moses), and let us go about our business. They felt that they needed to take the call seriously, somehow, even though it was a farce.

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Can you elaborate on the benefits expected for consumers using Broadwell that would not be possible without Intel owning a fab?