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Sounds like your SO is an asshole.

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The "neato" brand robot vacuum works way way better than the roombas from my experience.

They are smarter as far as room mapping goes, and have better suction. I think the design is better as well, They have a flat side, so they can actually get up against your walls and other things effectively, and the dirt box placement is better. the roombas ive had had this unpleasant feature where the roomba would drive under a couch or something and the dirt chamber would get pulled off the vacuum and then it would drive around the house screaming and spilling dirt everywhere.

My neato will also just drive over cables if it has to, the roomba will get stuck on them and cry. My roombas are all earlier models, though.. maybe they have gotten better.

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Have you considered making costumes to slip over your prothestics for amusing effects, like chicken feet, bear paws, or hooves?

Maybe some kinda fancy flipper you could attach to the foot for swimming? Or is swimming a no go?

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That's a fine looking pupper!

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Hahah! Really? You think they are real?

But.. dinosaurs ARE real... just extinct