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In this context, does blanching mean in water or in oil at a different temperature?

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Followup: Why is it that I can buy tater tots and hash brown patties in the freezer and bake them to a nice crisp whereas any frozen french fry is really not as good baked?

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To the degree you are comfortable, what's your personal life like? Do you have a spouse? Children? Animals? And, to the degree you can answer, what's it like being your souse, child, pet? How do they feel about the time commitment to Now I Know?

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I love Now I Know. I pre-ordered the book to show my support and help you continue this endeavor.

Here's my question based on when I read Now I Know. It is based on the assumption that I am not alone in when and how I choose to read your newsletter.

How do you feel know that it is likely that a good amount of your work is read while people are pooping?

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Do you get frustrated when people wax poetic about In and Out Burger's fried that are obviously not factory made?

I personally think they taste really bad compared to just about every other place's french fries but I am no connoisseur