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What do you think of Reddit refusing to ban users who propagate COVID misinformation?

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Does this answer change if we're talking about ephebophilia (attraction to teens, for those wondering) and hebephilia (attraction to pubescent children, older than a pedophile)?

And, I almost hate to ask this, but what about infantophilia? I imagine and hope that's really rare

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The Silk Road had some... interesting content. The weapons category was small. I always wondered if it was a scam or not. Do you think all the listings for that sort of stuff was genuine? It was easy to find reviews on some items and there were active forums discussing products, but I was always utilized about the more morbid stuff on there.

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Do you know anything about XanaxKing? I remember it making news when he got arrested. Apparently he had a vast sum of money that his partner disappeared with. Are there any updates on her or all his missing money?

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Thanks. He was one of the first, if not the first, massive dealers to go down.