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Soul/southern food has a much was native influence. The root veggies, corn bread, ect is all American.

Indian givers by jack wetherford is a great book about the influence of the new world

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For starters I am a big fan and CJK5H

I know you are big history buff, if you had to fill your coaching staff with historical figures who would you choose? For the sake of discussion you can't pick a sports figure.

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I like it, though you might have to keep the Geronimo and Boone away from each other.

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I don't know much about tor other then it exist but I predicted the publicity of the shut down of the silk road would lead to more people exploring tor/deep web. Have you noticed anything like this?

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From the outside, New Orleans is a dump that refuses to change that is almost commendable in its never change attitude. To locals, it is always two steps always from turning into Disneyland and the mayor is worst mayor ever, also every city outside of New Orleans vast culture less wasteland.