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Howdy Jimmy, what do you think of the videos that the US Navy released that are supposedly of UFOs? Do you believe that something not of this Earth might be visiting us?

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Did you have anything to do with UFOs you can talk about or at least comment on if this was a topic ever discussed among colleagues even about personal interest in the topic? Rumors and etc.

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Have you seen the videos that were released by the Navy that they say are UFOs? Do you believe?

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I think that goes without saying but when the videos and the witness testimony says they don't function in a way we understand flying aircraft to work you need to account for this. The pilots are expert witnesses and the videos show that they are physical objects that emit both a heat signatures, light signatures and show up on radar. You have to admit that either there is technology far beyond what we know is possible right now or that this is something else we do not understand from a unknown origin. These are both extremely profound things in their own right.

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What do you do when you find them and they don't want to be found?