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justinwnewton8 karma

Hi John, Thanks for doing the AMA. You do exemplary community outreach. What are your thoughts on taking a block of IPv6 space and allowing it to be managed via a blockchain. With a space that doesn't seem to have the same exhaustion constraints as IPv4 it seems an ideal candidate as a way to manage space in a more efficient way than the current process.

To me it seems like a worthwhile experiment if we choose a block that is both large enough and small enough to see how it could work.

Is this something that you would be interested in further exploring?


(Oh, and Hi John, long time no speak :)

justinwnewton3 karma

John, 100% agreed with all that you say above. I don't think that what the underlying assignment mechanism is would change routing table restrictions, or rules around what blocks are carried. One could either create rules or voting mechanisms directly into the blockchain itself, or you could separate assignment and routability.

Anyway, very glad to hear there is at least interest in exploring this and I will follow up offline to see how we might form a group to explore this further. (And here I thought I was done being involved in IP allocation policies when I left the ARIN Advisory Council)