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Can you speak to the religious aspect of Mercy Ships and your experience in that regard? They are obviously a religious organization with strong religious views, which I can tolerate and understand, but do you feel that it interrupts patient care, daily operations, or leans too much on conversion and ministry? Additionally, I'm an anesthesia provider and would consider volunteering in the future, but do you feel overly "prayed to" or restricted due to their religious stances?

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I'm an atheist, but I don't detest religion in any way and I'm always supportive of my patients and coworkers and their needs/beliefs. When I was doing humanitarian care in Central America religion was a central part the local hospitals that I was doing and teaching anesthesia in. So I totally get it. My initial concern with religious groups is always that religion is the primary focus, either pushing ministry before patient care or to the lifestyle of the volunteers. Have you felt any of that, or does it feel more like a regular (considering the setting, of course) hospital with an occasional prayer session thrown in?

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They're actually required to if they have something like 50 passengers; some fairly small number.

Beyond that, all the major cruise lines have agreed to uniform standards for medical care set by the American College of Emergency Physicians, so they are providing the same care you'd get in a small ER in the US. They are staffed by usually a doctor or three and a few nurses, almost all from Western Europe or the US. Obviously no surgery goes on, those needing surgery or advanced/inpatient care will get evacuated, but if it can be done in a small ER or big urgent care chances are it can be done on a cruise ship.

Source: Have looked into these jobs for myself.

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The issue is more that if you drop out you get nothing. As a result you’re no longer really participating with free will and arguably not true consent because you know if you quit you leave empty handed.

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This reminds me of the court martial of CAPT McVay after the USS Indianapolis sunk. Another event where likely Big Navy set up the crew to fail and may have tried to silence the story by a big flashy legal battle and big charges.