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but if we were to hang out, I need to know you got me. I been in situations where somebody will say they got me then they vanished at a party.

I think maybe lots of people don't understand this part of living with a disability.

Our cultural conceptions about independence are novel, untested (or failing the test, perhaps), and by no means 'natural'.

The idea of relationships being interdependent, life-or-death interactions is much closer to our evolutionary context - it's more 'natural'.

Keep up the good fight, and thank you for being so visible and vulnerable! Much love, my friend. I hope you're having a comfortable day.

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Make a way that we can pay JUST you for your work and get it instantly. We don't want to pay iTunes for your effort.

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It's designed to appease the software that decides whether the resume ever gets to be seen by a human.

The problem is that from the applicant side, we have to think about both of those potential readers.

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Context is key.

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How about San Francisco?