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I am not sure about the Odawa language or your ancestral people, but over here in BC a lot of aboriginal youths are finding it easier and easier to break with the traditions passed down to them in favour of the mainstream, English-speaking Canadian mélange.

When it comes to preserving your traditions in the 21st century, what will be the best approach? How can those traditions continue to thrive if younger generations find themselves less and less in touch with them?

What is gained by working within mainstream culture to guarantee the survival of your culture and traditions? What is gained by pushing mainstream culture away?

Thanks for the AMA! This is a great way to connect with younger generations and people from different places!

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Thanks for the response! An AMA in /r/Canada might be nice too, at some point in the future.

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I'd begin by visiting the /r/canada subreddit and messaging the moderators there. They could help you advertise it a bit in advance so that people would be prepared for the thread with questions.

You can click here to message the moderators there directly.

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Formal education is kind of authoritarian in its best iterations. When it took the form of technically-genocidal residential schools it was authoritarian in almost every way imaginable. It's easy to understand why OP wouldn't view that as a plus for your argument.

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Thank you for relating what must be a difficult thing to dredge up.