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When I was in the military, we had to do 12 mile hikes, in 3 hours, carrying 65 pounds. This was the minimum. Your score/time ratio might have been low because it isn't that intense of a workout even though it took a long time. Whereas if you went to the gym and broke your shit off on a bike and with some weights, you will be exerting considerably more energy/time. This is my hypothesis.

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Do you get paid while working for Scientology?

If so, who pays you?

How much are you paid?

Did you learn any practical skills during your private education?

What will you do now that you are 'disentangled'?

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Most of the questing system seems to benefit people who are going towards a gymnastic style of fitness vs a strong man type of fitness. Do you have any plans to expand the quests so that us heavy lifters can get in on the super high point categories as well?

Example: The Hercules

Quest 1000pts Perform 5 Deadlifts at 3x Bodyweight in one workout.

This would make more sense than hiking/backpacking quests this time of year considering it's pretty cold outside and those activities are pretty dangerous on ice.

Also, would you consider grouping variations of exercises under one aggregate root? The search system is currently very difficult to use.

Example: (Group) -> (Exercise) -> (Variation) -> (potential Sub-Variation)

Back -> Pull-Up -> L-up/Extended Leg -> Weighted