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jurydutyismyhobby227 karma

Thanks so much for doing this Mr. Sedaris. And congratulations on having a garbage truck named after you. I wanted to first apologize because I met you about a year ago in Clearwater, Florida. You signed my book before the show. My husband, in an attempt to channel your brother Rooster, approached you and immediately called you a motherfucker. I was appalled but afraid to say anything because I just didn’t know what to say. Later you commented that you that you were enamored with my breasts. I was so flustered at this point that I didn’t even tell you how much I enjoyed your recommendation of “Nothing to Envy” and that Mrs. Song was so wonderful to read about. Just two questions- when can we expect a new book, and why do gay men seem to comment pretty quickly in conversations with me about my tits because you were not the first to do so and I have always wondered why this happens.