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HINT HINT - 5 bucks says Windows version first, Mac a few months later, and then the Linux version will coincide with a Humble Indie Bundle

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Hey Sean! Before I ask my question, just wanted to say I loved Joe Danger 1 and 2 :D

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into game programming. I'm currently a chemical engineering student, and I plan to apply to a graduate program at a reputable university, where they train game programmers, artists, designers, and producers. They have a good reputation in America at least (a lot of their staff goes to work at places like Zynga, EA, Microsoft, Telltale, Iron Galaxy Studios. The place I'm talking about btw is FIEA, at University of Central Florida)

On to the real question: do you think game-specific education is detrimental? Do most companies prefer traditional degrees. And aside from programming, is there anything else I can do to show an active interest in the industry (as of now, I write for NintendoLife, a large Nintendo website, but that isn't exactly programming).