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What did the militia do when they encountered illegal immigrants? Would they stop them by any means?

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Since you're in the medical field and are trying to enter politics, it only seems natural to ask what your professional and political views are on the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

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The same is true in Pennsylvania with natural gas. At first Pennsylvania wasn't even getting many jobs out of the deal as all the workers installing the wells were from out of state. Actually, we still aren't getting a lot of good jobs, but it has brought some royalty money in. That royalty money has really helped some poor areas, but as the market becomes flooded with natural gas that money has declined.

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You are on the record as supporting affordable higher education through funding, as well as student loans and grants. However, the biggest threat to public higher education in Pennsylvania is the underfunded pension fund. As a congressman, do you feel that you can provide a solution or relief to the universities of Pennsylvania?

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I have 18-24 year olds who work for me and they are very intelligent, insightful and motivated. But like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Try paying more and then get back to us on that.