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  • What is your favorite DC character? Are there any you wish you'd thought up?

  • What is your least favorite Marvel character? Any regrets?

Thanks so much for the AMA! You're my hero!

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You guys singlehandedly made Twilight into a work of art. That movie, with it's long, awkward staring and pauses, was made for RiffTrax.

The entire sane world thanks you.

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I torrent because I like to have the RiffTrax and the video file in the same file. I hate having to sync it up myself. But I donate because I love the RiffTrax crew.

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Dude, reading that article, you stabbed the guy in the neck during the confrontation. You are kick-ass. I'm 23, but I look up to you.

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I think it's generally unlikely that eating the brains of random animals will give you Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. The problem only arose in areas with massive cow populations because farmers were feeding cow protein (bits of butchered cows) to their current cows. Cannibalism is a bad idea, m'kay. In areas with more wild, free-ranging animals that aren't kept on giant, factory farms this isn't an issue because the prions can't accumulate like that.

Of course, there are plenty of other diseases that you CAN get.

That being said, never eat human brains.