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Why did you choose grandmas over grandpas?

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There is a pretty severe drought right now in California and lots of places in the southwest US get droughts regularly. Which places in the US, if any, are at risk of becoming too dry to continue to inhabit or utilize agriculturally?

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I agree that grandmas are inherently funnier subjects, they just have that innocence about them which makes for hilarious video. I'd imagine grandpas would fall into either the "I'm never gonna touch that reefer crap" or the "I've been smoking longer than you've been alive, kiddo" camp.

Anyways, great job on the video! I love the idea of doing the "Everybody Smokes Weed" series with all kinds of demographics. Hopefully you can get that started soon :)

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There's a strong perception that Palestine is a big urban warzone with rockets flying everywhere. Is this restricted to certain areas? Do have a general sense of security because you're American?

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So, it looks like both of your legs face the same way but that one is much smaller than the other. What part of your leg is "facing backwards"?

EDIT: Waiting for OP to clarify that these are post-surgery pics... New question: OP can you give us some pics pre-surgery?

EDIT 2: OP's response below