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Yeah, ive got to know this..... thats a huge issue with DBD currently.

Quality of life would go WAYYY up if they had dedicated servers.

I dont see how mobile can host, especially since a lot phone networks use CGNAT'ing making it difficult or even impossible to host. And then the fact that you can be moving when playing on the phone means the network signal might not be stable/laggy/ etc....

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If you were not prepared to kill, why did you take the job? You cant take a job like that and say "well it wont happen to me, its so rare".

We know soldiers can have issues with PTSD from killing, etc... so why put yourself in a position where that becomes a possibility?

Im curious why someone would take such a job that carried that risk. It makes sense to me to let veterans that have been deployed have those jobs, provided they are mentally well.

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Agreed, a lot of what OP feels could easily be run of the mill stuff. I sometimes take people hiking with me and even people that are a very healthy weight complain about leg/foot/joint pain because they are simply not used to hiking multiple miles non stop.

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If you are referred by a doctor to a proctologist, then your insurance would cover it. For example, you have pain at age 31 and you show up to your primary care physician, then they give you a referral to a proctologist.

What he/she is saying is that you wont be automatically screened UNDER age 50, which is pretty much true all over the world.

So if I randomly showed up at a proctologist at age 26 asking for them to do a colonoscopy for the hell of it (for no real reason) then insurance probably would not cover it.

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Well it all depends on many factors (coverage, deductibles, etc.), but in general, this is how its supposed to work.