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Just had my first wt and was my fourth ever bourbon I've had. It was ll/gk rare breed. I really enjoyed it, especially for the price. What wt should I try next?

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Yes like skeptic said it's laser etched on the bottle. G means 2018, c is the month of March. There's no confirmation of c having the older juice but instead it's believed all of year g has the older stuff. I think it's a rumor that month c is the one with the old stuff. It doesn't make sense to me that in one month, c, they ran out of younger juice so they compensated with older stuff but then one month later the younger is stuff back. It would only make sense they compensated with the older stuff until the year is up in which there should be a new 6yr batch

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just showed someone how to do this at work

extra tip, in win7 if you make one excel active and press and hold the windows key then left arrow it will auto resize it to fit the left half of the screen. Then do the same with the excel file except pressing right arrow, now you have both files side by side auto-resized to fit one monitor

or you can keeping press either arrow and it will move it to the other monitor -if it's on the right screen then keep pressing the left arrow and it'll move it over to the left

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Merhaba, Turkish citizen here too but have never lived there.

My dad is moving back to Istanbul after summer

I wish the very best for you and the protestors

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Really enjoy reading your replies but one thing that struck me odd is that in one reply you mentioned a story of a Jewish girl you know that stopped coming to school and when you asked why we're told her family escaped. Then in another reply you mentioned your husband was in the military.

So excuse me for being rude, let the down votes rain, but how does one not know about the Jews when being told families are escaping and has a husband in the military?