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Yes that was the first picture they showed us in safety training. When we go up we take a self rescue kit, a team rescue kit, and there is a 3rd kit already in the tower. However there is a deck below where some people choose to leave their harnesses and rescue bags. These men did that. The towers are composed of a lot of fiberglass which burns hot and fast. When that particular turbine went up, they didn't have time to go back in and grab their gear. One man attempted to and was killed in the fire and the other man chose to end his life and jumped. It is a very sad story that could have very well been prevented. It's a reminder to always think bout what could happen. To me personally, the extra 7 pound self rescue kit is a bit of a pain in the ass to carry, but at the end of the day if something goes really wrong I know it can get me to the bottom so I can go home to my family.

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I thought that whole situation was hilarious. Reddit fucking loved him and was all over his dick and then that horrendous peice of garbage happened

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Our SRK-11 (Self rescue kit) has 300 feet of chord and a rope rider designed to be tied off and we just slide down our rope to the bottom. Our main rescue kit has this but on a bigger scaled as well as several different lanyards and carabiners that can be hooked onto people different ways. In that kit, we also have a really cool device called a HAW system which is basically a 6:1 pulley system that we can attatch to a point that will turn 300 pounds into 50 pounds so you aren't trying to deadlift a guy who weighs 250 pounds by yourself. Everything is rated at a minion of 5,000 pound breaking point but most of the gear can hold around 10,000.

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Adrian Peterson-The Black Master Yi

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We had a Wind farm put up in our county several years ago and I just applied and got a job offer and received training and learned everything on the job. I love doing what I do. I work with great people and have great benefits and am very fortunate. A good day is when we do an easy maintenance service or repair and no hiccups or bumps and everybody gets home safe. A bad day would be going up for something routine and when we get up there, there being a mess or a bunch of things that need replaced. I seems like if one thing is wrong up tower there's going to be a lot of things wrong and it just escalates and gets frustrating. But 8/10 times it's pretty routine and easy going with no major hickups.