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Hi Mr. Watson,

To start off, maybe you could tell us a bit about what distinguishes pornography from other sexy writing, painting, drawing, etc. For example, we know that there are plenty of depictions of people doing the deed preserved in Pompeii, in temples in the East, and we even have the "Venus" figures going back to prehistory. At what point do those turn from "here are some people having sexy times" into "pornography?"

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So it's kind of a commonplace that the Web became popular once Mosaic could transmit images, because people sure do like to look at naked pictures. And building on that, it seems logical that new mediums would have been involved in recording and/or transmitting prurient content from the start. Was this true of photography as well? What are some examples of early photographic porn?

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Did Nell Gwyn have agency over her image appearing in works at all? Or was she used as an example because of her well-known connection with Charles II?